Anjali Anil | CSIR NET Rank 23

Dear BioTecNikans,

Its gives us immense pleasure to announce that many of our students have cracked GATE 2013 with top ranks, we wish all the students a grand success in their future endeavors. GATE exam was always a Puzzle among the Life Sciences graduates, lets hear the experience from our next topper with All India Rank 23 .

Name : Anjali Anil
Registration Number: BT 76682057
GATE Examination Paper : GATE Biotechnology ( BT )
Score Card:

Interview with the Topper

What exactly was running in your mind after checking your results?

I felt extremely happy that I came within the first 50 ranks. My decision to repeat GATE after completing my B.Tech had proved correct and worthwhile.

So, now that you have cleared CSIR / GATE, What’s your next plan? 

To join for M.Tech Biotechnology in an IIT and pursue a career in research.

How did you equip yourself for the exam? 

1. Chose the correct Institution for coaching.

2. Attended the classes regularly.

3. Referred to the textbooks/notes suggested for respective subjects.

4. Attempted the weekly tests, mock tests and attended the question discussion hours conducted thereafter.

5. Frequently revised the learnt topics.

6. Very important points from the exam point of view was noted, highlighted and displayed on my table for quick reference.

7. Good sleep and stress free mind also helped me a lot.

There are plenty of students who are diverting their careers from life sciences thinking that there are no career opportunities in this field, what’s your say on this? 

There are plenty of opportunities in the field of Life Sciences; provided you have the correct qualification. And to achieve that qualification, you need to have passion, commitment and a little bit of patience. The support of family and friends is an added important factor.

How do you think our aspirants have to prepare for Life sciences Stream? 

Good coaching, understanding the topics in depth, frequent revision and practising as many questions as possible are the key factors the aspirants have to emphasis on. Commitment and a stress free mind will also help you go a long way.

What is your feedback on Biotecnika’s Quality 

Excellent. It is true that “They do not simply teach us, they imbibe concepts deep within us”. They have an amazing faculty that provide apt guidance and support that helps students to succeed in the examinations and interviews in the field of Life Sciences.

I would refer it as my best learning experience till date…

Was Biotecnika Test/ Study material competent enough to help you solve all the paper? 

Yes. My GATE score is the result of referring to textbooks for every subject suggested by the faculty; plus Biotecnika’s Test and Study materials. I did not feel the need to refer to any other sources.

Any Tips/Tricks you’d like to give your friends preparing for CSIR / GATE? 

It’s not the hours of study, but the quality of study that matters. Proper coaching and guidance from a professional institution like Biotecnika is also necessary.

How did you find the Questions in our Biotecnika NET JRF / GATE e- Learner and AIMNET / AIIMGATE Test Series? 

The questions in the Study materials and Test Series of Biotecnika is designed in a pattern exactly similar to that of GATE and CSIR exams. Practising them helped a lot.

The question discussion hours need special mention. These sessions equipped us with the ability to handle difficult questions, analyse them and to arrive at the correct conclusion. I was surprised to find that some of the questions in GATE and CSIR exam were exactly same as given in Biotecnika’s Test Series.

I would refer it as my best learning experience till date… mcuq

Anjali Anil CSIR NET | Rank 23